Kirkland Avenue Townhomes

Champion modular construction provides green, affordable 2-story townhomes for families in Renton, Washington

The Kirkland Avenue Townhomes were developed in partnership with Schemata Workshop, Inc. and the Renton Housing Authority.

The townhome units were designed and constructed to the Washington State Evergreen Sustainable Design Standards. The strategy of providing an energy-efficient, low carbon footprint that featured a low impact and non-disruptive construction approach was a focal point of the development team. Most importantly, this was the first affordable multi-family housing project in Western Washington State to use a modular building system.

Project Scope

  • 14 two-bedroom townhomes, 820 sq. ft. each
  • Four three-bedroom townhomes, 1,050 sq. ft. each


Design and build cost-conscious townhomes while incorporating a high level of sustainable features.


The interior of each home features low VOC finishes and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved cabinetry system, as well as Marmoleum floor covering. Attractive energy-efficient cove heaters above the windows, along with solid core interior doors and Plygem casement windows will provide years of durable performance. The contemporary multi-level exteriors are accented with vividly-colored low VOC paint.


  • 2015 Manufactured Housing Institute Excellence of Home Design
  • 2016 Modular Building Institute Awards of Distinction Honorable Mention
  • Sector


  • Client

    Renton Housing Authority

  • Project Type


  • Builder

    Champion Commercial Structures, Weiser, Idaho

  • Location

    Renton, Washington

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