Noralta Lodge

Workforce housing, Noralta

Champion designed and built 438 modules for delivery to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to serve as accommodations for 1,500 oil sands workers.

As the modules were completed in the factory, they were shipped to the site for immediate assembly. This factory-to-site process was accomplished in only 90 days.

The finished facility totaled more than 406,000 square feet, complete with recreation area.

Project Scope

  • 15 three-story buildings
  • 438 modules
  • 406,113 square feet
  • 1,720 beds


Due to a 4-month building schedule, Champion utilized four manufacturing facilities to complete the project.


Champion teamed with Cormode & Dickson, a top Canadian building contractor to design, construct, deliver and install the modules to Noralta Lodge, minimizing the need for site labor and enabling the 4-month completion date.

  • Sector

    Workforce Housing

  • Client

    Cormode & Dickson, Noralta Lodge, Suncor

  • Project Type

    Dormitory with recreation area

  • Builder

    Champion Canada Commercial Structures Penticton & Kelowna, British Columbia and Estevan, Saskatchewan; Champion Commercial Structures, Weiser, Idaho

  • Location

    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

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