Pecos Texas Lodge

Champion park model construction provides lodge style housing for oil field employees in Pecos, Texas

Champion designed and built 40 park models as well as a kitchen, dining room, recreation complex, reception office, pool house and a guard building. The modules were shipped to the site and assempled to provide accommodations for up to 300 oil field workers in Pecos, Texas.

Project Scope

  • 40 three-bedroom park models with 120 beds
  • One kitchen/dining hall
  • One recreation complex
  • One office/reception complex
  • One pool house lounge
  • One guard building


Provide a total turnkey project including engineering, manufacturing, delivery and set up all within a 90 day window.


Champion teamed with oil field housing specialist, Target Logistics, to construct, deliver and install accommodation facilities for the Pecos, Texas, Lodge. The units were manufactured in Athens, Texas, and then shipped to Pecos, Texas. The buildings were installed, energized and occupied within 90 days from the start of the project.

  • Sector

    Workforce Housing

  • Client

    Target Logistics

  • Project Type

    Lodge style housing for oil field employees

  • Builder

    Champion Commercial Structures, Athens, Texas

  • Location

    Pecos, Texas

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