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Champion Uses Three Factories Simultaneously to Build Lodging, Kitchen & Recreation Facilities in Labrador, Canada

Champion constructed six 3-story dormitory buildings and a large kitchen, dining and recreation building to serve as accommodations for 1,500 workers of the Lower Churchill hydroelectric dam project in Canada.

As the modules were completed in the factories, they were shipped by land and sea to the site for immediate assembly. This factory-to-site process was accomplished in only five months. The finished facilities totaled more than 200,00 sq. ft.

Project Scope

  • Six 3-story dormitory (180 modules)
  • One 67,000 sq. ft. of kitchen, dining and recreation building (110 modules)


The lack of available labor and a limited building season in a remote region of Labrador, Canada, only added to the challenge of completing this project on time and on budget.


To tackle the massive size of this project and the incredibly tight timeframes, Champion utilized three separate manufacturing facilities in New York, Indiana and Florida to deliver the modules by land and by sea.

  • Sector

    Workforce Housing

  • Client

    Nalcor Energy, ModSpace (Canada)

  • Project Type

    Dormitory with kitchen, dining and recreation building

  • Builder

    Champion Commercial Structures, Sangerfield, New York; Lake City, Florida; Topeka, Indiana

  • Location

    Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

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