Why Modular

With modular construction, turnaround times are accelerated, which means you can complete projects in 1/3 less time, reduce borrowing costs and accelerate the return on your investment. The resulting productivity improvements and efficiencies allow you to build more buildings with less capital, improve your margins and increase your profits.

Faster builds. Greater margins. Higher profits.

Reduced risk

Modular construction uses the same quality materials as site-built structures, but since up to 80% of the structure is built and inspected off-site, the amount of time required for on-site construction is dramatically reduced. Less construction on-site reduces the chance of weather delays, material damage and mold contamination. Security issues related to theft are also reduced.

A typical modular structure is built on a fixed cost contract, which reduces the chance of cost overruns.

Reduced cost

Since your responsibilities are typically limited to preparation, setting foundations, equipment scheduling, utility hookups and other finishing operations, you have fewer subcontractors to manage. Fewer subcontractors means fewer headaches and reduces your on-site supervision costs, as well as often overlooked costs, such as waste removal and insurance costs.

Tighter structures, better energy performance

Through its tightly controlled manufacturing process, Champion is able to construct tighter structures with less air infiltration. As a result, Champion-built structures have proven to be more energy efficient than comparable structures built using traditional site-build construction methods.

Build green

Modular construction earns points from most major Green accrediting agencies for use of recycled materials, tight building envelopes, waste reduction, and innovative building practices.